Kamakhya Temple
Nearby attraction of hotel

The Kamakhya Temple; also Kamrup-Kamakhya is a Hindu temple dedicated to the mother goddess Kamakhya. It is one of the oldest of the 51 Shakti Pithas

Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden
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The Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden is the largest of its kind in the North East region and it is spread across 432 acre. The zoo is located within the Hengrabari Reserved Forest at Guwahati, India.

 Shraddhanjali Kanan
Nearby attraction of hotel

 Shraddhanjali Kanan is one of the most popular parks in Guwahati, at RG Baruah Road, opposite of State Zoo. For its green-fresh environment along with its popularity Shraddhanjali Kanan is well known as the Best Park of Guwahati.

If you are thinking of enjoy some pleasant breezy environment, you may visit Shraddhanjali Kanan. The park is developed to match the design criteria of some foreign recreational parks. The park is seen full of people all the day especially on the weekends.